Landlord rents out his living room with ‘some guy’s sofa’ for £850 – but only for women

A shocking outer London rental property is on the market for £850 a month – where you get ‘some guy’s sofa’.

With the rental market as competitive as ever, many people are desperate to find a room to rent but one man has gone a step further.

A landlord in Ealing Broadway has put his own living room out to rent – which doesn’t include a bed and is only available to women.

Bills are also not included in the price as the advert reads: “The price is only for rent, bills are not included as the increasing inflation rate, council tax band is D.”

However, the sofa can be ‘used as a single bed’ but due to the size of the living room only person is allowed to live there.

Whilst the tenant may want to bring in their own items to help make their bedroom, which is the living room, their own – there doesn’t seem to be much room.

Vice UK’s Joel Golby described the situation as: “the sound of the cost of living crisis finally hitting London’s horny landlords. It’s the sound of some guy’s sofa.”

The professional renting out his sofa, who works in Canary Wharf, admitted he goes to the office at least two days a week – and wants a ‘clean and tidy roommate’.

The advert says: “I have my living room available to rent out in Ealing Broadway… My sofa is 2m*1m size which can be used as a single bed.

“The room is furnished, all furnitures are new and bedding stuffs can be provided. There are currently two tables in that room but I can always change it if needed.

“There is a door so it’s a separate room … Due to the size of the room and bed, it’s only for one person to live.

“I work in Canary Wharf so I will go to office at least 2 days a week, hope to find a clean and tidy roommate.”

In the advert is states “there are currently two tables in that room but I can always change it if needed”.

But with the living room also being the bedroom – hosting guests in the flat may create a conflict.

However, for £850 a month and without bills, the future tenant will have to consider whether they want to rent out a man’s living room – as landlords try and capitalise on the desperate market.